PLA Tough

For everyone PLA Tough Filament

Spectrum PLA Tough is a specially modified consumable material for 3D printing. Aimed at improving the properties of the material at the monomer level, the treatment has brought about an enormous range of applications. It is a perfect solution for printing functional components with mechanical properties close to those of ABS, while retaining the simple printing and low shrinkage of PLA.

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For everyone PLA Tough Filament
Density 1.20 g/cm3
Nozzle temperature 190-230°C
Bed temperature 0-45°C
Printing speed 40-130 mm/s
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1.75 mm 2.85 mm 1000g
    Tough PLA advantage
  • a good alternative for styrene-based materials
  • printing possible without a heated bed
  • easy separation of the object from the bed
  • high durability comparable to ABS prints
  • no shrinkage after cooling
  • the possibility to obtain a perfect side surface
Elements produced by using Spectrum PLA Tough are characterized by:
  • Reduce shrinkage noticeably as compared to PLA-based classic materials. It will also allow you to print large-size items,
  • Improve the adhesion of printed items to build platforms,
  • Obtain a higher impact resistance of printed items as compared to their equivalents manufactured of ABS,
  • Retain the high rigidity typical for items manufactured of PLA without admixtures,
  • Eliminate the brittleness typical for printed items of PLA without admixtures. It also provides for improved adhesion between the material layers applied,
  • Obtain more matte surfaces as compared to the unmodified PLA,
  • Perform mechanical treatments of printed items which is difficult or impossible for standard PLA. Thus you may grind, mill, drill, turn etc. printed items,
  • Eliminate toxic or noxious vapours typical for ABS printing, and
  • Exhibit the combined advantages of PLA and ABS, while maintaining full biodegradability.
Due to its characteristics, the filament Spectrum PLA Tough may be used in applications which require a high impact resistance and very low processing shrinkage of items and a high dimensional accuracy.
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Tough PLA - Technical Data Sheet (PDF 0,7MB) 718 - Catalogue (PDF 12,1 MB) 718 - Catalogue (PDF 12,1 MB)
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