Glow in the Dark

For everyone Glow in the Dark Filament

Spectrum PLA Glow in the Dark is a PLA-based filament blended with a concentrated phosphorescent pigment which causes the photoluminescence effect, or more specifically the phosphorescence effect. Accordingly, once the printed items are exposed to an external light source, they will emit their own light. The material has all the typical characteristics of the pure PLA – the added pigment has a neutral impact on the material's properties.

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For everyone Glow in the Dark
Density 1.24 g/cm3
Nozzle temperature 185-225°C
Bed temperature 0-45°C
Printing speed 40-110 mm/s
Verify your spool YES
1.75 mm 2.85 mm 500g 1000g
Technical details
    Glow in the Dark advantage
  • made of biodegradable raw materials
  • printing possible without a heated bed
  • easy separation of the object from the bed
  • high durability
  • high rigidity of items
  • easy processing of a model
  • a relatively low melting point
Elements produced by using Spectrum Glow in the Dark are characterized by:
  • The capability to emit own light after prior exposure to an external source of light, and
  • The possibility to “control” the light intensity of printed items by adjusting the wall thickness and filler density.
The highly specific characteristics of the filament Spectrum PLA Glow in the Dark determine its applications for the production of items with major ornamental and artistic effects. It may also be used in the construction industry for the production of items to help identify emergency exits for power outages. Moreover, the material is used for renovation and interior design purposes as well as the advertising and broadly defined decoration industry. Thus the material is used for manufacturing various souvenirs, luminous pictures, glowing gadgets and figurines. Tip: To achieve a stronger and longer lasting glowing effect, leave the model exposed to light for a longer time.
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